Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission

The purpose of Ashland’s Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission is to support the achievement of Ashland’s Community Climate Recovery Goals and conservation activities. The Commission shall actively encourage Community entities and individuals to make wise use of resources and make progress toward Ashland’s Community Climate Goals as set forth in the most current City Council approved version of the Climate and Energy Action Plan.

The Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission consists of nine voting members including one representative each from the solid waste franchisee for the City, Southern Oregon University, and the Ashland School District, and six other voting members.

Powers and Duties Generally:

  1. ​Consistent with City policies and procedures, educate and advocate for Ashland’s Community Climate Recovery Goals
  2. Consistent with the Climate and Energy Action Plan, make recommendations on strategies, actions, and programs related to the wise and efficient use of resources by all Ashland citizens, including:
    1. Consumption of goods and services;
    2. Materials management, waste prevention, reduction, and recycling;
    3. Conservation and efficient use of electricity, water, and natural resources;
    4. Promotion of community, residential, and commercial renewable resources;
    5. Air quality awareness; and
    6. Climate resilience and preparedness.

For a complete list of the various conservation programs available to residents and businesses within Ashland, please go to

For information on the City’s Climate and Energy Action Plan, please go to
Print the Climate Action Card

Commissioners and guests write a monthly column in Ashland’s Sneak Preview called the Conservation Corner. Click here for previously published articles.

Please remember that other than staff, the people listed below are volunteers working on behalf of our community and should only be contacted on matters related to their particular commission, committee or board.​

Contact the Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission

EstablishedMeetingsLength of Term
1996Meets 4th Wednesday, 3-5pm., Community Devlopment Building, 51 Winburn WayMembers (3 year terms, expiring April 30)
NameEmailTitleTerm BeginTerm End
Vacancy Commissioner - Position 104/30/2021
Marni KoopmanCommissioner - Position 208/08/201204/30/2022
Larry CooperCommissioner - Position 303/19/201904/30/2023
VacancyCommissioner - Position 404/30/2022
James McGinnisCommissioner - Position 506/05/1804/30/2024
Kate KennedyCommissioner - Position 6
Anya MooreASD Representative
Jamie RosenthalRecology Representative
Rebecca WalkerSOU Representative
Tonya Grahamtonya@council.ashland.or.usCity Council Liaison
Mary McClarymary.mcclary@ashland.or.usStaff Liaison