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City Programs

Transportation Electrification

Electric Bike Incentive

A $300 incentive to Ashland Utility customers for the purchase of an eligible electric bicycle at participating retail local bike shops.

Electric Vehicle Incentive

A $1,500 incentive to Ashland Utility customers for the registration of an eligible new or used battery electric vehicle.

Commercial Charging Rebate

Provides cash incentives for each charger installed by a local business

Public Chargers

Learn more about the city public chargers, where you can plug in for free, and charging etiquette.

Electric Vehicle Calculator

Use our custom calculator to see if electric vehicles are a good match for you.
Energy Efficiency


Weatherization programs are designed to safety keep your house as warm or cool as you desire and minimize air leaks. Incentives are available for windows, insulation, and heat pump water heaters. Note: Only homes heated with an electric heat source are eligible for weatherization incentives.

Home Energy Review

A comprehensive home energy assessment will identify ways to reduce the energy you use or get more out of the energy you use currently. Note: All home energy efficiency incentive programs require a home energy review.

Heating and Cooling

Rebates available for forced air heat pump, forced air duct sealing, and ductless heat pumps.

Electric Dryer rebate

Electric clothes dryers with the ENERGY STAR label qualify for an $50 City rebate. Qualifying appliance lists can be found at

Washing Machine Rebate

Rebates are given to customers who purchase Energy Star clothes washers. Qualifying appliance lists can be found at

Zero Interest Loan Program

In lieu of incentives, the city offers zero interest loans of up to $7,500 with a monthly on-bill financing available for certain weatherization and heating upgrades.

Irrigation Evaluation

Consists of a comprehensive assessment of the design, operation, and management of your sprinkler system.

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

Rebate applies to the installation of WaterSense certified smart irrigation controllers.

WaterSense Toilet Rebate

Rebates are given to customers who replace existing toilets greater than 3.0 gallons per flush (gpf) with WaterSense labeled toilets which are 1.28 gallons or less per flush.

Lawn Replacement Rebate

Applies to the removal of live, maintained and irrigated lawn that is replaced with climate appropriate, low water use landscapes and efficient irrigation systems.

Indoor Water Analysis

A City Water Conservation Specialist will visit your home to evaluate the efficiency of your plumbing fixtures and will replace the shower heads, faucet aerators, and supply you with other suggestions to reduce water usage.

Free low flow showerheads and faucet aerators

Low flow shower heads and faucet aerators that save water and energy are available to all City of Ashland electric and water customers. Give us a call at 541-488-5587 to schedule a time to pick them up.

Ashland Water Wise website

Comprehensive indoor and outdoor water usage resource.
Renewable Energy

Solar Electric (PV) Rebate

To encourage Ashland residents and businesses to install new solar electric systems interconnected with the electrical supply grid, the City of Ashland offers financial incentives for qualifying installations.

Off-Site Solar

Customers can invest in small-scale wind or solar electric systems that can be installed anywhere within the City's electrical grid and be credited back to the customer.

Carbon offsets and REC's

Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) provides a tool for Ashland residents and businesses to participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets or renewable energy credits (REC's).
New Construction

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Incentives include heat pump (forced air or ductless), heat pump water heater, and Energy Star appliances. There is a bonus for including all incentives.

Additional Incentives

Additional incentives include Water Sense certified home, Earth Advantage platinum home, and an EV charging unit. There is a bonus for including all incentives.

City Commissions

Climate Policy Commission (CPC)

The Climate Policy commission provides oversight for the Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) implementation and recommends updates in pursuit of meeting the climate recovery goals, objectives, and targets.

The commission meets the second Thursday of each month from 4-6pm. Due to COVID, the meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission (CCOC)

The Conservation and Climate Outreach commission supports the achievement of Ashland’s Community Climate Recovery Goals and conservation activities. Commissioners write a monthly column called the Conservation Corner. Click here for previously published articles. 

The commissions meets on the fourth Wednesday from 3-5pm. Due to COVID, the meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

Wildfire Safety Commission

The Wildfire Safety commission provides advice and support to the Council and City departments and education to the community on wildfire issues and plans for mitigation action.

The commission meets the third Wednesday of each month from 11-1pm. Due to COVID, the meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

Transportation Commission

The Transportation commission advises the City Council on transportation related issues specifically as they relate to safety, planning, funding and advocacy for bicycles, transit, parking, pedestrian and all other modes of transportation. 

The commissions meets on the third Thursday from 6-8pm. Due to COVID, the meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

Visit the homepage for a list of all the city commissions.

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