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Electric Bike Incentive

A cash incentive to Ashland Utility customers for the purchase of an eligible electric bicycle at participating retail local bike shops.

Electric Vehicle Incentive

A cash incentive to Ashland Utility customers for the registration of an eligible new or used battery electric vehicle.

Commercial Charging Rebate

Provides cash incentives for each charger installed by a local business.

Public Chargers

Learn more about the city public chargers, where you can plug in for free, and charging etiquette.

Electric Vehicle Calculator

Use our custom calculator to see if electric vehicles are a good match for you.

Federal Incentives

New Federal Incentives can be used in combination with local (and upcoming State) incentives!

Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program

Oregon Department of Energy has rebates available for up to $7,000 for heat pump installations and up to $4,000 for related upgrades.

City Programs

City Commission

Climate and Environment Policy Advisory Committee (CEPAC)

The Climate and Environment Policy Advisory Committee (CEPAC) shall reflect and represent a wide range of community interests and perspectives. Such interests should include, but not be limited to, climate change and environment, public health, energy efficiency and renewable energy, low and moderate-income households needs, economic development, social equity and sustainable economic development.

The CEPAC shall be responsible for assisting the City in the following:

  1. Making recommendations on strategies, actions and programs related to the implementation and updating of the Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) in furtherance of its climate mitigation and adaption goals and strategies per AMC 9.40, recognizing that the Council may also request advice on other environmental matters from time to time. The issues CEPAC shall advise Council on include, but are not limited to:
    • Recommendations for and any updates to the City's CEAP
    • Modifications to benchmarks, targets or actions contained in the climate plan as needed to incorporate the best available science and practices to achieve the City's climate-related goals and targets
    • The process for considering amendments and updates to the CEAP
    • Monitoring CEAP implementation progress for the community and for the City operations
    • Ensuring that the CEAP incorporates long-term social, economic and environmental goals
    • Climate education
  2. Recommending CEAP implementation steps or improvements on behalf of the community and for City operations.
  3. Providing information to staff and the City Council to ensure that benchmarks, targets or actions develop for, or by the City of Ashland incorporate the best available science and practices to achieve the intended climate or environmental related goals and targets.
  4. Providing recommendations to ensure the City of Ashland’s climate and environmental planning incorporates long-term social, economic and environmental goals, including social equity for low-income households, persons of color, the young and elderly, and those with disabilities.
  5. Educating and advocating for Ashland's environmental goals, including its Community Climate Recovery Goals.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday, 3 to 5 p.m., Community Development Building at 51 Winburn Way. 

Wildfire Safety Commission

The Wildfire Safety commission provides advice and support to the Council and City departments and education to the community on wildfire issues and plans for mitigation action.

The commission meets the third Wednesday of each month from 11-1pm. Due to COVID, the meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

Transportation Commission

The Transportation commission advises the City Council on transportation related issues specifically as they relate to safety, planning, funding and advocacy for bicycles, transit, parking, pedestrian and all other modes of transportation. 

The commissions meets on the third Thursday from 6-8pm. Due to COVID, the meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

Visit the homepage for a list of all the city commissions.


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