Ashland, Oregon

Our Climate and Energy Action Plan

Ashland's climate vision for 2050 is to be a resilient community that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions, embraces equity, protects healthy ecosystems, and creates opportunities for future generations.


The Plan is a Citizen-led Process

Using a citizen-led process, our community created a plan to reduce our carbon emissions and prepare for climate related impacts. The culmination of this multi-year process is the Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP). The Climate and Energy Action Plan is a living document and continues to evolve over time.

Our Goals

The plan's overarching goals and targets focus on addressing climate change risks by reducing Ashland’s emissions of climate pollution and preparing the city for unavoidable impacts.

Goal #1

Reduce community greenhouse gas emissions

Goal #2

Prepare Ashland to be more resilient from climate change impacts

Ashland 2015 Carbon Footprint

Where do our emissions come from?

83% of Ashland’s emissions come from five main sources, production of residential goods and food, residential travel, residential and commercial energy use, and upstream energy production.

In order to meet our goals and reduce our emissions, our community needs to take action now! To get started today, visit one of our Adapt your Home pages to learn what you can do.

How did we get here?

The Climate and Energy Action Plan represents the culmination of a year-long process of engagement, input, and review. The plan is updated every three years to ensure we are taking action and making progress.

Below is a timeline of key events and documents related to the Climate and Energy Action Plan process:

Climate Plan Progess

Since the plan's creation in 2017, we continue to work on meeting our climate goals. 

Climate and Energy Action Plan

Formation of Climate Policy Commission

The Climate Policy Commission (CPC) provides climate plan implementation process oversight and recommends updates in pursuit of meeting the climate recovery goals, objectives and targets. 

Climate and Energy Action Plan

Progress Reports

The purpose of the progress report is to provide an update on the implementation of the plan.

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