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Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint by switching off of fossil fuels.


Switch off fossil fuels

Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, are a primary cause of climate change. These emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, creating a heat trapping blanket. Manufacturing the goods we purchase, driving gasoline powered vehicles, and heating our home are all examples of how we interact with fossil fuels on a daily basis. Ashland's goal is to have clean energy by 2050. We can achieve this goal by making adjustments and innovations to our daily lifestyle.

By switching to low or no carbon energy sources we can lower our carbon footprint. 

What You Can Do

By taking steps at home you can make the switch off of fossil fuels. Here are a few simple steps to help you get started.

Community Spotlight

See how your neighbors are taking climate action! Share your story here. 

Bruce Borgerson

"In 2017, we pledged to gasoline consumption for our two person/two car household to less than 200 gallons a year, or about 1/6 the national average. We started with a plug-in hybrid for one car and were well under 200 gallons for the first two years. Now we have a used EV (less than $9000 with no rebates!) for one car, a smaller SUV (35 mpg highway) for the other, and this year we're on pace for less than 100 gallons. Okay, COVID was a factor, but we're pledged to hold the line at 100 after it's over."





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