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Supporting renewable energy reduces fossil fuel reliance and helps support a green economy. 


Renewable Energy

Supporting renewable energy is a powerful way to create change. Renewable energy comes in a variety of forms, with the most popular being solar and wind. There are many benefits to switching or supporting renewable energy. For example renewable energy...

  • Reduces our reliance and usage of fossil fuels
  • Reduce some types of air pollution
  • Supports a green economy. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the fastest-growing jobs are in the wind and solar industries. 

With many different ways to participate, we can all support renewable energy.

Solar Panels
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Ashland Solar roof

What You Can Do

With such a wide variety of options to support renewable energy, it's easy to start participating today.

Support renewable energy

Support renewable energy

Without installing solar panels, you can still support renewable energy.

  • Support local organizations that advocate for clean energy
  • Share resources on renewable energy sources
  • Support local business that use renewable energy
Participate in community solar

Community Solar

Support local renewable energy by participating in community solar

Solar Pioneer II allows Ashland citizens and businesses to support renewable energy in a way that is both affordable and does not require home installation. By purchasing/adopting a panel you can lower your electric bill and support a green economy.

Participate in off-site solar

Off-Site Solar

Participate in off-site solar

Off-site solar allows residents and businesses to develop solar in a protected off-site environment. This allows citizens to support renewable energy without having to modify their building or residence. The energy produced at one electric meter is credited to another meter within Ashland's municipal electric utility.

Use solar rebates

Solar Rebate Program

Use a rebate to support a solar panel installation.

To encourage Ashland residents and businesses to install new solar electric systems interconnected with the electrical supply grid, the City of Ashland offers financial incentives for qualifying installations.

Ashland solar power
Purchase carbon offsets or REC's

Purchase carbon offsets or REC's

Support clean energy while offsetting your carbon impact. 

Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) provides a tool for Ashland residents and businesses to participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets or renewable energy credits (REC's). Your purchase helps support wind power and bring clean energy to the grid.

Image source: BEF

Community Spotlight

See how your neighbors are taking climate action! Share your story here. 

Melissa Luckow

"I had solar panels installed in my relatively new Earth Advantage home over three years ago. The Verde Village development was built with plug-and-play solar, so installation was easy. The home was also designed to have south-facing roofs and passive solar; consequently I always generate more electricity than I use. True South installed my solar panels which cost me a total $20,000 up front. With the state and federal incentives available at the time I ended up paying only about $8000. It has been both an economic and ecological success!"





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